Receive the present moment as if is was your only moment. Heighten your senses. Be alert. Even if you currently live in a feeling of not reaching your “goal” then sense the ripples of the actions you already initiated – they go far! Creation comes in waves. When you stay true to your intentions then it will ALWAYS come back to you. No exceptions!

Spend time to purify your thoughts. It will help tremendously. Be focused on your INTENTION and stay away as much as possible from all distractions. When there is “time left” then spend it in nature, relax and connect as much as possible with your eternal being. When you learn to live this way then you are all “winners”.

There is nothing you need to do, but we do feel your sense of urgency in your hearts. That is ok, as long as you do not let your sense of urgency take over. There is time. And you are just awaiting the respons to the wave that was initiated. It is extremely important to be patient when a large ripple has been sent out or you will distract the possibilities for it to come back in a strong return wave. It does not mean that you can not do anything. It just means that it is best to wait for the return of the wave in that area and maybe do things that are not related. You will learn this and eventually there will be very little elapse time from when you send something out to when it returns. You are pioneers and as pioneers you will also have to break through some of the very dense energies. Stay focused in a relaxed way. Stay tuned and know that the Universe ALWAYS responds!

When you initiate something – do it because you feel inspired, not as a reaction. Whenever you feel inspired put it into action. When you feel great – that is the time! Sometimes you will initiate actions from a less inspired state – then do so and try your best to send it with good thoughts. It may help you to feel more inspired when the next impulse comes.

We are always here to work with you. At this point in time we are “re-grouping”. New possibilities are opening up based on the last wave that was sent out. Take time to enjoy silence and just be. Some of you are more at easy with that when others really only value themselves when they put in actions. The truth is that action without inspiration is kind of wasted as it does not help to raise the vibrations – on the contrary it is actually disturbing.

Enjoy silence for as long as it takes and know that you are up for new ventures well grounded in your peaceful and joyous space within.