Heartfelt sharing and pursuit of beauty in daily life and through imagination

Letting go of need to control and be authentic with ourselves

When connected and present inner lights magnify each other

Sense of being a conduit for continuous flow of becoming and un-becoming

Feeling understood and connected with nature through something right in the moment

Enjoying what is through immersion and gliding with the flow

Observing impact of small things and expanding possibilities of choice

Learning how to receive and to stay present in fully embodied experience

Fullness of expression becomes available through deep listening and full body sensing

Finding the gift of the spaces in-between by focusing on what appears to be a no-thing

More becomes revealed as greater and greater attention is given to fine and subtle details

Willingness to let go of perception of limitation through re-entering natural spaces

Learning something very new, beyond of what is imaginable now, might indeed be possible

Noticing the fleeting moments when joy is present and returning to them intentionally

Caring and agility open up ways to bring new things into ancient patterns

Daily learning and practice of new skills open up new possibilities

Joy of connection and understanding restores wholeness and transcends fear

Connection to the source of light is available in every moment

Playful moments of creating and sharing new ways of understanding

Flowing with the greater whole through celebration of respect

Connecting with awareness of what is naturally here underneath everything

Noticing oblique angles of light sharpening perception of taste and insight

Big picture perspective towards expanding new possibilities

Allowing openness of the heart towards expansion of lightness and freedom

Observing the process of being rooted in the infinite and having courage to be unique

Experiencing freedom is especially precious when coming from places of previous limitations

Lots of small steps connecting the dots, revealing how the inside and the outside are deeply intertwined

When awareness connects to the moment of now, it illuminates contentment underneath everything

Looking with new eyes and noticing small details become even more joyous when shared

Connecting through deep listening opens up spaces allowing emergence of something new

Being with the process of breathing, opening, and allowing, going into the depth of what is, even if it is dark, as something new inevitably emerges on the other side of it

Joy is a key towards an expanding sense of connectedness, encompassing other states of being within it

Playfulness is vast and peaceful when perceived from the expansive perspective of the ocean

Choosing joy is available every single moment, even when other states of being are present, as it can continue to radiate and permeate through everything

For something to be genuinely innovative it has to arise from a place of not knowing, from being willing to let go of the familiar

Inner alignment brings continuous expansion of creative power, as inner opposition is dissolved through allowing, and  coherence within is strengthened



Bring attention to the adventures ahead and continue filling up with the joy of anticipation as long held dreams are coming true now

Starting today and continuing daily – exploring and sharing joys of co-creation through The 100 Days Project: 100 Days of Powered by Joy. Joy and creativity expand when shared

The journey is the destination

Connecting with our core intentions and gathering our thoughts to continue on joy ventures journey