In yesterday’s yoga session the word “balance” triggered something in me. And I understood that how I previously have thought about balance needed an upgrade. Why is that you may think?

Let me give you a little background…. When I left the corporate world for a different life, then I said to myself “I want to go from 100% movement/activity to 0% movement/activity from one moment to the next“. For anyone that is stressed out from work you realize how challenging this is. But I was so sure that this was the path for me. To be 100% in activity/engaged in one moment and in the next moment to be totally in “no-activity”. But without these moments to be a balancing act of some kind.

When I was working in a traditional way then I understood “balance” as a balancing act between time of activity and time with no activity. In my busy work life there was no time for no-activity as I was required to work a lot by the nature of my role. I “had to” be present in meetings and I did a lot of travel. This was really straining on my energy. I am sure that many of you also recognize that there are a lot of built in requirements in today’s work environments. My body found a way to compensate….it droppen my engagement level from 100% to very low levels. Clever. It did a kind of balancing to cope. It was a way for my body not to shut down completely. So this is the understanding that I have held – that I need to balance “time with activity” with “time of no activity” to survive.

Yesterdays yoga session tough me something different. When I am balanced then I can be 100% engaged and in activity. When I am balanced then I can also be 100% in no-activity. I must be in a place of balance to reach those states. They are not to balance out one another! The concept “to balance” activity with no activity only exist in duality. When you go beyond duality there is (already) balance and maybe the only way to go beyond duality is to be balanced – to be connected in/with my whole being – for spirit and body to be one. Then I will be able to be 100% engaged in activity and in the next moment be 100% engaged and in no activity. I am balanced regardless!