Is it time to redefine success? As I am watching the Olympics I come to think of different strategies to “make it”. Two different pictures comes to mind and I can feel it in my body how very different they are energy wise.

I sense one athlete that vibrates of energy. She is fighting to make it to the top. She works extremely hard and is very concentrated. She pushes herself. Every victory along the way is a step towards succeeding in winning a golden medal. Every competition is another step towards the goal. Her whole system is set on it.

Another athlete comes along. She has a totally different energy. She is relaxed. She is smiling. And she enjoys the moment of racing. Her energy is in every step along the way. She feels her body respond to the wish to go fast. She is connected with her whole system to the feeling of “fast”. She smiles as she finishes her race. Yes she came in first, but that is not the only reason why she is happy. She is happy because she loves racing and it is such a joy to be able to do what she loves!

I have already understood that I do not have to use my “fighting” to get anywhere. In fact there is probably nowhere “to go”. As I understand more and more of my own personal journey then I know that I am not sustainable when I “fight” and push myself towards something. My recent experiences has really been about being on the journey, in the moment to receive the experiences that are there. Yes, my body holds some kind of purpose. It is more a feeling than “a thing”. When I am connected to this “feeling purpose”, which I have come to understand has a lot to do with JOY, then my life unfolds beautifully and I enjoy every moment of it. I am injoy.

Life responds with experiences that are aligned with my feelings. From time to time I meet my fears and are given an opportunity to resolve them so that I can live even more from my joyous state. Gone are the days of fighting to get anywhere. Here are the days to express my joy and receive the gifts life presents!  So redefining what success looks like to me, how would I go about it? I navigate with the help of feelings when life feels at its best, when I am alive and vibrant. I would sense what feelings are present in my body and then use these feelings as indicators of me living a “successful” life.

How does success look to you?