You are in a beautiful RESET (down with the flu). Everything you no longer need will be taken away. And a new opening to the unknown is being created, or should we say “just opening up”. It is not so much created as it is a ripple opening up to other layers. Layers that you know you have access to will now be more “integratedely” available – ie in everyday life. Trust your knowing, follow the unfolding path. Be aware where you set your foot next time – as it will open up the next step.

To become a conscious creator you first have to know where your awareness is placed. Your creations are a result of, and always follows your awareness.This is a journey to explore creation and co-creation. As such it is also a journey to understand more about awareness and how the interplay of awareness makes up your world.

It is too early to explain the details. Continue your exploration and follow through on “the plan” (inspiration) to document it. It will give you traces to understand more about “the whole thing”. Not that the whole thing can be explained, but you will get closer :-). Enjoy your adventure!

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