All of us at sometime find ourselves at a cross roads, feeling as if we have lost our way or having a big decision to make. At these times what we need most is another person who can help us sort through our feelings and concerns to see the opportunity hidden in the dilemma. One way to do so is to use JoySense – to feel into what makes sense from a joyous place inside.

Marie holds the space and facilitates the dialogue so that clarity from a higher perspective emerges. She helps you cut through the “noise” of indecision or dilemma so that you can sense the gift and opportunity available. In doing so Marie supports you to recognise what is most alive and true in you at this moment. JoySense Navigation sessions provide valuable support and insights into your way forward.

The longer mapping session is 2-2,5 hours and lays a foundation to understand your life situation, challenges and how your JoySense is guiding you. The 45 minute session provides support on specific questions.

You may want to start with a longer session and follow up with the shorter sessions (45 minutes). It is also perfectly ok to start with a short session and then, if needed, follow up with the longer mapping session. Just feel what is right for you and make your booking below.

The mapping session costs $200. The 45 minute session can be booked in two different ways. One way is to pay $60. The other is to book a session where you are free to share what feels right after the session, which might mean less than the price, but can also mean more than the set price. This is part of practising and experiencing the gift economy.

If you have any questions, go to my profile page to send me a message or book a short introductory meeting.

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