We are already in the dance together. Life dances with us! We allow ourselves to swivel around still knowing that we are dancing around and expanding on our purpose – both individually and together. Alexandra and my meeting yesterday was extremely “to the point” – I can almost sense “the point” inside of me. We talked about a lot of things and the sensation in me was that we were “to the point” even though we were “talking around”. The point is a place inside of me. Not sure yet about the physiology. I would say right now that it is the lower abdomen. Anchored. Powerful. It is extremely flexible and at the same time very rooted (beyond time). It is a wonderful feeling. It feels true and it’s also extremely fulfilling. We have talked the first time for 8 minutes in an online workshop (4 minutes each). And this was now the second time that we talked a little longer. We already have a shared “vision”. It was already there. We did not strive to get it sorted out between us. It just IS. And we can still expand as much as we want (and dare). It is rooted in another frequency where we are united and “thinks” like ONE. How did we “get there”? Obviously not by working together. Not because we are alike. Not because we have a common background or even a common idea about what to do in life. We came to this point because we love to expand our own energy and to listen to what life is telling is. And because we trust in ourselves and therefore are able to trust the voice and happenings life is showing and we know the quality of truth when it presents itself in another person.

Our journey has begun!

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