I am working quite intensely right now. I like what I am doing but I feel angry from time to time and I ask my inner guidance why that is.

There are several aspects that are contributing, but you feel it as one. First and foremost – make sure you take breaks. Enjoy. Be in the moment. It is not a competition – it is a piece of art that is coming forth. You still hold in your system a kind of “satisfaction” to have completed something. This is very deep inside you. It is after it is done that you can relax. 

To enjoy life more you will have to relax as your are in the doing. It will be ready when it is ready. Practice listening to your own presence in every moment. That is life. It is when you loose connection to life that you get angry. So the old “getting it done so that you can relax” is to be changed to an upgraded version of your operating system where you are present in every moment as you are doing things. There is no “getting it done”. You are to be present with whatever you are doing. Always . That is the place to be.  You have practiced a lot, but you tend to forget when things get intense. Just remember to take breaths in micro breaks every now and then. Your breath will take you back into the stream of life where beautiful expressions will be created.