Some days life just feels heavier than others. After a couple of rather “heavy” days with a lot of interesting experiences (which I will share later) I received the following guidance.

Whenever you loose sight of Joy then you are in some way misaligned in your energy. There are many ways in which this can happen. One of the most common is to be in the future trying to figure out “solutions”. Not only can you not know the future but you also loose your foothold in the present moment AND you put beliefs out about the future that might prevent you from receiving solutions that we would like to create for you. Ie you will continue running around and create in circles you already know. So stop having thoughts about the future! It can only imprison you, specially if it is connected to heavy energies.

We know it is much to ask not to have any thoughts at all….but do your best to have as little thoughts as possible about what is to come. Remember that you are on an adventure that is called life! Life wants to “teach” you about many things. Everything you receive as an experience is also a “teaching”. It brings an opportunity to grow in consciousness. How you receive your experiences will determine “the outcome”. You can actively learn and expand. You can be neutral and the experience might just pass. You can resist/react and become even more stuck in your energy. Your choice! Life will continue to bring experiences on your journey and you can decide how to receive them! 🙂

Growing from experience is one of the fastest ways to release more of your gifts and uniqueness into the world. You become stronger in your energy acting more out of Joy rather than reacting to your experiences. It is a lovely journey that is unfolding!