As the joy journey ramps up Marie and I have started to get moving. The idea that we want to get serious, arises and makes us laugh.

No, we are not getting serious.

That word makes us feel heavy, as if we are readying ourselves for hard labour. It suggests we are going to turn the joy journey into an uphill struggle.

We could do that of course. We could struggle and fall and keep going no matter how arduous the path. We are trained to think such an approach is admirable and that nothing worth having can come easily. When we reach the top we could look back and say “look how hard that journey was? How great are we that we managed to drag ourselves through that, we made it to the top we must be awesome. ”

We could do that but this is the time for something different. For a start, a Joy Journey has no fixed goal at the end, it starts with an intention and unfolds from there. This may seem vague but we would say the best exploratory journeys start with less certainty and more openness and faith.

Plus, part of the journey is to notice the quality and sensation of inspiration which marks out the path rather than viewing the future and trying to guess the steps it will take to get there.

So what can we say about our intent? There is not one way of describing it as each participant will have their own unique spin on it. Perhaps though a good start would be to say we intent to create something that shines. Something that is shiney enough to act as an invitation or enticement for others to shine too. Not an invitation to “shine like this” but to shine with an intensity and colour that is unique to themselves. An invitation, that reminds everyone that to shine is their natural way of being.

As we begin to explore this intent how shall we begin then? Not with seriousness, we need not steel ourselves or tough up for the battle ahead. None of these will do. We must loosen ourselves, lighten, brighten and liberate ourselves. Instead of getting more serious, we must get brighter.