I am walking and pondering about intention. How does intention work? I feel quite clear about our intentions. Suddenly I realize that the word is “in tension” – that we are in tension with our creations and what we are intending. This opens up a whole new thought chain in me and I suddenly realize why it is important that we have both a verb and a substantive in the sentence when we set out intentions – it is creating a field – a tension! I suddenly remember the teaching that I received a couple of months ago when I felt that I had a rubber band around my back and that this rubber band was creating tension towards a person I was thinking about. I lost my bearings and I found myself crashing into the person of my thoughts when I touched upon the thought “what does this person need from me?”. Not a nice way to create. I tried again and then I was focusing on my own energy and presence. I was very surprised by the outcome. Suddenly I found myself in a dance with another person. That person did not crash into me, but was already in the dance with me. So I understood how important it is to remain in my own space, presence and in the now to have the field work and create opportunity for us to dance together!

I now realize that it is similar to the insight I just received. When I hold an intention I am setting myself in tension to something or someone. And when I can be with my own energy and stay centered and joyous then that which I have created tension to will move towards me. And I do not even have to do anything!

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