My philosophy teacher at high school in the late ’70th was the reason I ended up studying IT. We were studying logic and I was fascinated by the subject. If this, then that, else something different….  He said “logic is the basis for programming computers”. I was “sold on the idea” and knew that I wanted to study programming, or as it was called in Sweden – ADB which translates to “automated data processing”.

Anyway, you may realise that IT was not a very common path in the early ’80s. I have never regretted taking that route. I still love technology and what it can do. Logic comes very natural to me. It simply is logical :-). My brain does not have to think, it just is there. And when things are not logical, then my body protests…. It is very interesting to have this background now when I am a student of creation and when logic is not logical any more. And when new logical pathways opens up.

Since I left the corporate world 2009 I have been on a de-programming and re-programming journey. What I learned I had to de-learn. What I now start to understand has come as a re-programming in my system. This is all very interesting and required that I was ready to let go of “truths” and facts that are intrinsic in our society and the way we are brought up. It has not been an easy ride but well worth it. I experience life very differently now. It can not really be explained, but has to be experienced. I have tried many times to “explain” what it is that I am now sensing and what sometimes I “know”, but so far it has mostly created frustration. I thank god for all the young people that already comes with the Human 3.0 operating system and that are ready to take off! We need to listen carefully to what they know.

This was just a small introduction. I wanted to share last weeks happening when Morya and I were talking about the website. It was not meant to become a website (at least not now). I started to create a blog where our journey notes could go as I was really bored writing on google docs. That simply did not entice me, so I just created a blog for our own notes. It just happened to become something that looked nice and we both felt that we should not keep it to ourselves but open it up for anyone that just happened to find us. I had started work on a domain that I already owned but that did not feel right as we really wanted something with “Joy” in it. We started to search for domain names that was descriptive of our intention and adventure. Somewhere along the lines my programming brain said that “we are buying a domain and we need to think down the road that this should also fit with a company name….so then it all blow up to something that was much bigger. We wanted to start a company in the UK with a name that we both could agree to. Morya said “I can do the registration”. I felt that all was moving very smoothly, even if I had spent quite some time to investigate possible options for a name and then checking if that name was available in the UK company register. Tedious work, but quite joyous sensing into the quality of the different names and the possibilities they could bring. I was fully convinced that if we select a domain name then we also need to be clear on “branding” and company name of our endeavor.

The next day Morya said that this was no fun anymore and that she had had to take a break and really sense into the situation. We had been so sure that we were going smoothly so were did we go wrong? I returned back into my own energy and I suddenly realised where my brain had just entered into an IF… THEN… (old) logic. I asked myself again what was important to me. I just wanted us to make a decision on a domain name that carried the feeling of our work. And I assumed that this implies that we also need to be clear on a company and that we also should register this company…. Do we need a company at this point in time? No, we don’t. So I told Morya that from my perspective we do not need a company, I just want us to decide on a domain name…. So when that was sorted we just needed some more minutes to come to a decision. is now the place where you will find us! The decision was so quick and easy that it almost did not feel like a decision. It just was there for us to see.