Our unfolding adventure is really taking off! We share a field and it feels easy to draw creations from that field. Yes I do things, but I do not have to think so much, just tap into the field and sense what wants to show up next. If I think about what it will be in the end (when we are ready :-), which we will never be) then I stumble. When I feel what is my next step today, then it flows nicely.

We have set a “milestone”. We want to do some kind of launch April 11th. Today is March 1st. A lot has been accomplished already. Just by flowing with that which feels good in the moment. A lot will happen in the next 6 weeks!

I very much appreciate Morya and how we flow together. We both complement one another and we have some common experiences to fall back on. There is a field in which we feel comfortable and curious at the same time. We both have IT backgrounds and she can easily follow when I try to explain something which I feel we should do with websites, payment solutions, webinars, etc. That is all well, but the biggest thing for me is that she also knows and understand the world beyond and that we are on a journey to explore how we create from joy. I can not enough appreciate the gratitude I feel for this opportunity that we have created. Or should I say that it has been created for us? I do not feel that I have done anything more than many years having set out the intention and desire that I would like to be a student of creation and cocreation – how it really works. And now 6-7 years down the road it is coming about! Without me doing it. Yes I am acting on the opportunities that is being presented. And that is it. I am using my Joy compass to sense if it is feels joyous and then responding in the way that “feels right”, well aware of that there are no right or wrong ways to go about it. The most important thing is that I feel into what “is right” for me in that moment.

I do use logic sometimes also. Perhaps still to an extent where it would serve me better to just go with the feeling and have even less work to do. I just think that I am practicing by logically going through some of the options – like yesterday when I was looking into what company name and domain do we use for our venture. I started to look for open domain possibilities in combination with versions that included our most important word – Joy(s). I just started on a list and made it open on Google Drive for Morya to feel into when she had time. We worked on the topic in this shared space on the drive without having to talk about it. I started the list. She added to it. I made som more additions. I think that we today will have a dialogue together about it and sense the answers to the questions:  What field are we? What name can be a true representation of that energy? What feels joyous?

I know she is there. For many years I have had the feeling that I have been really alone. I have friends and I have created many things, but in the field of what really matters to me then I have felt quite lonely. Morya said the other day “why do you ask me about this” and the point she was trying to make was that I did not need her approval and thus should not have to ask her. I realize that I might be asking questions to trigger some kind of response so that I can feel that I am not alone. This is a pattern that has been with me my entire life, wanting to get confirmation that I am not alone, not abandoned. It is like I just want to hear someone whisper a “yes” to the questions “Are you still there?”, “Do you still love me?”, “Are we good?”.

I will be more observant when I ask questions from this space in me. I know that even if Morya would like to do something else, I am still fine and there is no one out there to ask permission from. It is just me loving myself and releasing my energy without asking permission to do so.

We are in this field together. It is getting stronger by the day as we let life flow through us in an expression of Joy!