I am at home again. The silence here stands in a very intense contrast to India. I already long to be more connected and in the movement of life and to express that which is my joy. I feel that I am “cured”. I do not need to work in the traditional way. I can just relax into the experience of life knowing that all is well. It was interesting to study myself back there in the meetings and conference in India. How easy it was to listen to people when they speak from their heart. And noticing how my whole system is shutting down when I try to listen to a person that is speaking conceptually from their brain. There is simply no energy there. No joy. I feel that I can now separate the two sides in me. The one side that wants to understand and to logically set direction to do things. And the other side that can relax in to the moment, listen without needing to do anything and then come to the point in me where I feel the direction – for me. Not for anyone else. I am to express what is my joy. I am not here to “help” anyone else, even if that has been a theme throughout my life. To help. To sense where there are imbalances and to try balance it out with my energy. That is no longer my direction. I am to make sure that I am balanced. And to express my joy  and see what expression that wants to take.

I sense that I will collaborate and cocreate with many people. Something very beautiful is unfolding. They have already done their inner work. They are balanced and know how to express their own joy and gifts into the world. We dance with life and we let creation happen through us! We are in the now, in the process, and less focused on the results. We focus in our intention and let the process and the resulting creation unfold.

Thas is right. There is nothing else that you “need” to do. To express YOU is the highest meaning there is. And of course you will need to unfold YOU in order to express your energy. Nothing is more important than to unfold your gifts into the world as you are doing right now. It takes courage. You are bold enough to “make it happen” and to relax into the experience. Your efforts will not be wasted. Time is not  an issue. Quality is. Continue the unfolding journey to express more of your true nature. That is magical!

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