I just had a conversation with the person that has experience from filming. It was clear to me that when we introduce the filming aspect then we also add an observer to the process and that may totally change the energy. I played with the idea that this is a team member (the film camera). The observer and the one that can come with very intricate insights to the process and what we are into. That made me smile, so it must be on the “right” way to how to include a camera into our work. I also tested another scenario – and that was not at all joyous in my body – the one where we are filming our experience and the camera is just the observer. So going forward I envisage the camera being operated by me or someone else on the team and we then become the voice of the camera team member (the name is Hero!). It can also be the silent witness to some of our conversation. We will all meet for the first time at the end of March (a month away) so I will need to practice the handling before then! The purchase is a gopro 6 and the decision was made to have the easiest way to create footage and short snippets of film to share.