I am pondering about “how to get organized”. Together. It feels like we are in different circles. A couple of people are in the center. Others are more in the outer circles of the energy. That which holds us together is the intention that we have set out for this field. I definitely feel that I am in the center. This IS me. It is my life’s work – to explore creation and to release my highest expression of JOY on the journey.

I am also thinking that I will help others on their journey. As soon as that thought comes into my body then I become heavy and feel sick. I AM NOT HERE TO HELP ANYONE! Trying another way to express what I feel. I am here to guide others. Also that does not work….

I am here to be IN SERVICE! 

I am not even here to be “at service”, but “in service”. Immediately a very funny picture comes to me – to be “out of order” – ie not being in service, maybe that’s what many of us feel like? To be in service means to me that I am open to LIFE and how life wants to flow throw me. When in that state then that will be of service and I will be in service! Lovely feeling. Totally free. There is no object to relate to when I am in service. It is not related to someone or anything. It is just me and LIFE flowing through me in a joyous dance. How wonderful!

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