I looked at this picture and asked question about what it was I saw and if “they” could explain cocreation to me…..

It is always a Joy to us when we can blend our energies. You were looking at the particle and wave picture and came to the understanding that the particle is a reflection of the wave. This is something we would like to comment on further. The particle can be nothing but a reflection of the wave. When that is understood then much will change in your understanding how things manifest.

So when we talk about “that which you vibrate”  then we are talking of the more subtle energies of that which you are. You remember Ralph (who I wrote the book together with) talked about the sub-atomic energies? It is like a go-between energy. When you study consciousness and awareness in relation to wave and particle then you will be be able to make the equation come together.

It is your awareness and how you use it that can influence the particle/wave “result” Awareness is a living energy field. You all have access to awareness and you have a choice how you use (focus) it.

So to understand the wave-particle equation you also have to put into the equation how you use your awareness.

Many people do not feel they have a choice and are at one end of the frequency spectrum (low). That is also part of the human experience to understand that you can move yourself on the frequency scale and thus create a different version of your reality. It is as you can understand not black and white, but a gliding scale as to where you are able to hold your awareness.

What is awareness?

It is a gift from God. It has been given to you to create the experience in the manifest world. It is much you have yet to learn about awareness and how you can use your awareness to help raise your vibration. Your vibration is made up of emotions, thoughts and your physical presence (ie the mental body, emotional body and physical body). When you use pure awareness (ie that which is the unconditional, allowing and loving energy) and put pure awareness on something that is vibrating in a low frequency – then you could potentially change that right away.

But as you identify to a large extent with your bodies (emotional, physical and mental) then you do not have access to pure awareness and can therefore not transform the energies instantly. The transformation process is often gradual, but it may also be instant. It is a matter of your relation to your bodies, your access to awareness and also dependant on the journey you designed for yourself. Although you can always make other stops on your journey and sometimes even change it.

So – back to awareness: Stay open and tuned on the subject and more will follow.

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