We humans are out of sync with our Inner Nature and the Outer Nature is showing that.

What can we do about it? Be present. Listen to your inner voice and let that voice guide you. Slow down. Turn off the outer noise. Spend time in Nature. Listen to your inner Nature. Let your inner nature be nurtured by Nature and you will find that you are changing. From within. Celebrate every day in life as a gift. Let life flow through you. Let life guide you. Listen… Slow down….

A side effect of slowing down is that you are consuming less resources. It is not the reason to slow down. It is a side effect of slowing down. Slowing down will allow you to listen to the subtle voice that wants to guide you into your inner nature, into your natural flow with life. Your natural flow which may look totally different from anybody else’s flow. Your rhythm. Your dance with life. Attune to your inner self and know that this is the answer to all questions. Attune to your Inner Nature and know that Mother Nature is attuned to you. Live life from within.