This list of new and existing words have been collected here to celebrate the vast array of joy that we humans have access to. The intention is to maximise enjoyment and potential by defining joys, that readers and contributors have personally experienced and those we might want to experience.

New terms are designed to encourage exploration of a joy that there is currently no name for (not just because making up words is great fun, although it is).

Our greatest hope in building this compendium is that everyone who reads it might explore and expand their experience of joy in their life.

While we have no lofty goals to “save the world” with this project, it is clear that being able to define what our “better world” will look and feel like requires a deep understanding of joy.

Could we build such a library of words for joy for individuals and groups to share that we would eventually see joy on project plans? Could we begin to embed measures of joy into government programmes? If the solutions to our global problems included a measurement of the amount of joy they created rather than just the suffering avoided, how much more successful might they be?

The momentum is building up. The more you dare BE the expression of that which you long for, the more the field will expand. Lightness is key. So whatever you do – feel the lightness of BEing light up your heavier and denser reality. To take the step to flow with ease is to let go of heaviness and duties and enter the field of play & no-duties. 

The calling to express yourself comes from your soul and when you let go of duties then your soul can more easily find a way to fill your BEing. A lightness will enter. Your look upon life will change. Nothing may feel important, yet you will easily express and manifest that which you radiate and hold in your essence. 

You were looking for a word some days ago…. So how can you express “to get serious” with something when you are in this light field? The word serious seems to have upset your energy and made you heavy, right? 

It is not the word in itself. Words does not really have meaning. They get the meaning you attribute them. It is true that some languages are closer to true vibration than others, and that some languages “have gotten lost in translation”. 

You attribute value/energy to words. That is also held in mass consciousness by the masses. You could, if you wish, clear the energy around a word, but may we suggest that you instead continue on your journey to dis-cover new words and ways to express what you feel. It will be a less heavy route to take. 

As you tune into the energy and listen to the vibration, you might find sounds, colors or words that matches the vibration that you would like to express. You will re-discover the ritchness of expression. Art in all its expressions is important on this journey. Be playful. Dare to go beyond today’s language. 

Be creative. Be divine!