We humans are out of sync with our Inner Nature and the Outer Nature is showing that.

What can we do about it? Be present. Listen to your inner voice and let that voice guide you. Slow down. Turn off the outer noise. Spend time in Nature. Listen to your inner Nature. Let your inner nature be nurtured by Nature and you will find that you are changing. From within. Celebrate every day in life as a gift. Let life flow through you. Let life guide you. Listen… Slow down….

A side effect of slowing down is that you are consuming less resources. It is not the reason to slow down. It is a side effect of slowing down. Slowing down will allow you to listen to the subtle voice that wants to guide you into your inner nature, into your natural flow with life. Your natural flow which may look totally different from anybody else’s flow. Your rhythm. Your dance with life. Attune to your inner self and know that this is the answer to all questions. Attune to your Inner Nature and know that Mother Nature is attuned to you. Live life from within.

It is good that you recognize your gifts. You understand that you are on a journey to fine-tune you with the frequency of your gift. It is rare to have come “this far” with your particular gift. You have not surrounded yourself with people that naturally flow with this gift as this has given you opportunity to become stronger in yourself – really fine-tuning your own sensing.  Try not to explain to others “how you do it”, it is not important. Try be more in the gift experience and be curious how it wants to flow with you. This is the easier path for you as you will then use your curiosity to see how your gift is guiding you rather than questioning your ability (as you so often end up in doing when you want to explain to others how your guidance/gift works). They will never be able to understand as their “operating system” does not work the same way as yours. So for you to be curious about your gift is a far better way to expand as you then invite that energy more consciously. You can already feel how much lighter your are – right? And how your heart is smiling…. Yes!

Be curious! Receive the experiences life brings and be in them. You “have the right” to express You. You are now fine-tuning the way you do that without hesitation, to the point, without taking responsibility for others in the process, with a huge amount of compassion and love. Totally fearless. As you do so you will see how the energy field totally shifts and that you will be completely free in your space, always. No considerations, just blurt it out! Pause and see/sense the response without taking it personal. Leave space for others to express themselves. Remember to express from your point of awareness.

When awareness meets awareness something extraordinary happens. It will be an immediate expansion in/of the Universe. It will be like an explosion. You will feel it and you may ask yourselves “what happened?”.

When you train yourselves to this level of expression then you will expand on consciousness without having “to do things”. You just express and like an alchemical process another Soul’s expression is added, making it an explosion of expanded consciousness. Quantum Leaps will be taken when things happen in this way. You are not yet ready to create these kinds of experiences, but as you become more refined in your energy bodies this might just happen spontaneously as a result of your committed, joyous experiencing.

We just wanted to share it in the perspective of “doing” and the journey that you are on now, pointing out that this is the “real reason” for your journey – for you to try, to play and use yourselves as the tools for the expansion. That is the real game! Everything else is just “the excuse”.

So when you come together – stay tuned in your process and less focused on “the result”. You already know it, we just wanted to lift that to the surface of your consciousness once more. We are excited to cocreate with you on this journey! It is an exploration where few have been and it is exciting. So don’t get lost in what it is you are going to “produce” – have fun in the exploration of possibilities and playing with creation!