The team page is available when you are logged in. There is a button on the first page you can click (only available to users that are logged in). The Team page itself is a private page and will only show when you are logged into the system.

The page (and the fact that it also sends out daily what is new on the page to us), is mean to help us be up to date with everything that we do and also be a place where we can put material we need to remember for ourselves and our own process.

I can think of several things that i would like to put there (and to have automatically included in our newsletter). For example this kind of news – then you will have one place for communicating important things.

I also sometimes get guidance that I only wish to share with you (team) and not (yet) to the whole world. Then I will use the category “internal Journey Notes” – and then it will be for your eyes only.

It might also be helpful to put up some “how to”s on the site – so maybe if we forget how things are meant to be done (for example how to make a journey note entry) then we have a place to look. Also when we have new members come in, then they will be able to go to this place to look for information.

So – anything that is marked INTERNAL on the post categories will only show on the internal newsletter and the internal page. Pls only use the subcategories and not the parent (INTERNAL) – as I only put it in to have them all collected.


  • Guidelines
  • How to
  • Journey Notes
  • News

These are the categories you can tag your posts with and then the post will only be available for the team!