It is indeed a big wave that is set in motion and it will impact many people. Your “job” is to stay tuned and to take action on everything that feels true to your intentions.

The heart beat is getting stronger (I received a message that we are joining hearts entities from heaven with humans) and the pulse is calling others to join. When you synchronise your hearts the beat creates a pulse that many people can feel. The stronger we connect our hearts between Heaven and Earth, the more people we can reach.

Calibrating our hearts is easy. You do it naturally. This is also one of the reason for the check-in (I got a message that I need to check in every morning with “my non-human team” – ie take a moment to just be in the energy together). To calibrate and become like one heart is to increase our reach, but also because this is the way to be blended in our expression. It was never ment for us to be separate, but as you turned more “worldly” the balance shifted and the blending almost stopped. You do not need to think about “the blending” as 50/50, that is a too worldly description. Think of it more as a range of frequencies where you have the possibility to reach (encompass) very high frequencies at the same time as you also stay on Earth and in the manifest world within the seemingly low frequencies. You see, you are both. You are it all. Nothing was ever taken from you, you just choose to not see and feel it. As the higher frequencies again are more easily accessible you will find it quite natural for many people to just be them too.

It is an important aspect to BE the frequency or else you are externalising it and it becomes the “picture” of that which IS. This is not helpful. You have passed the time for externalisation of these qualities into Gods and Deities. It is time to incorporate, internalise and sense what is true in you, what qualities you hold as part of the ONE. Yes it is correct that this is how you will perceive it – that you hold certain specific qualities and that others hold other qualities. Isn’t nature like that? There are orange flowers, red, blue, yellow etc and they also have different (for example) healing properties, or other specific qualities. Some are good for the bees, some are good for eating. All of them are part of the whole with unique qualities. You are very much the same. Unique qualities who together are expressing the whole. Stop comparing yourselves. If only you could use a language without comparison – to learn to describe things without a point of reference, then you would dis-cover the world in a very different way. Try it!