We humans are out of sync with our Inner Nature and the Outer Nature is showing that.

What can we do about it? Be present. Listen to your inner voice and let that voice guide you. Slow down. Turn off the outer noise. Spend time in Nature. Listen to your inner Nature. Let your inner nature be nurtured by Nature and you will find that you are changing. From within. Celebrate every day in life as a gift. Let life flow through you. Let life guide you. Listen… Slow down….

A side effect of slowing down is that you are consuming less resources. It is not the reason to slow down. It is a side effect of slowing down. Slowing down will allow you to listen to the subtle voice that wants to guide you into your inner nature, into your natural flow with life. Your natural flow which may look totally different from anybody else’s flow. Your rhythm. Your dance with life. Attune to your inner self and know that this is the answer to all questions. Attune to your Inner Nature and know that Mother Nature is attuned to you. Live life from within.

When you hate something or someone then you project that (unconsciously) out into the world and the world responds with people or situations you can hate. You are given an opportunity to see your inner state, you are projecting onto the world something that originates from your energy. An unmet need? Something you do not accept about yourself? Something you have inherited or taken on as a part of a social field?

Starting to look at yourself is always the key. What is is that I do not accept about myself, my history, my upbringing, my situation? What is it that I am afraid of? Do I dare look at that before my inner eye? Do I dare feel my true feelings and stop project those out onto the world as the only way to show me what it is that I am holding?

Taking responsibility for your feelings, accepting them will start your transformation  (from within you) leading to you no longer holding those feelings whereas acting from a place of fear perpetuates and increases the energy that eventually will erupt like a volcano.

Heartfelt sharing and pursuit of beauty in daily life and through imagination

Receive the present moment as if is was your only moment. Heighten your senses. Be alert. Even if you currently live in a feeling of not reaching your “goal” then sense the ripples of the actions you already initiated – they go far! Creation comes in waves. When you stay true to your intentions then it will ALWAYS come back to you. No exceptions!

Spend time to purify your thoughts. It will help tremendously. Be focused on your INTENTION and stay away as much as possible from all distractions. When there is “time left” then spend it in nature, relax and connect as much as possible with your eternal being. When you learn to live this way then you are all “winners”.

There is nothing you need to do, but we do feel your sense of urgency in your hearts. That is ok, as long as you do not let your sense of urgency take over. There is time. And you are just awaiting the respons to the wave that was initiated. It is extremely important to be patient when a large ripple has been sent out or you will distract the possibilities for it to come back in a strong return wave. It does not mean that you can not do anything. It just means that it is best to wait for the return of the wave in that area and maybe do things that are not related. You will learn this and eventually there will be very little elapse time from when you send something out to when it returns. You are pioneers and as pioneers you will also have to break through some of the very dense energies. Stay focused in a relaxed way. Stay tuned and know that the Universe ALWAYS responds!

When you initiate something – do it because you feel inspired, not as a reaction. Whenever you feel inspired put it into action. When you feel great – that is the time! Sometimes you will initiate actions from a less inspired state – then do so and try your best to send it with good thoughts. It may help you to feel more inspired when the next impulse comes.

We are always here to work with you. At this point in time we are “re-grouping”. New possibilities are opening up based on the last wave that was sent out. Take time to enjoy silence and just be. Some of you are more at easy with that when others really only value themselves when they put in actions. The truth is that action without inspiration is kind of wasted as it does not help to raise the vibrations – on the contrary it is actually disturbing.

Enjoy silence for as long as it takes and know that you are up for new ventures well grounded in your peaceful and joyous space within.

Letting go of need to control and be authentic with ourselves

When connected and present inner lights magnify each other

Sense of being a conduit for continuous flow of becoming and un-becoming

Feeling understood and connected with nature through something right in the moment

Enjoying what is through immersion and gliding with the flow

Observing impact of small things and expanding possibilities of choice

Learning how to receive and to stay present in fully embodied experience

Periods of emptiness allow you a pause or a break to let your system catch up with all the changes you are going through. Many of you worry when it gets empty. May we suggest that you “learn” to appreciate and enjoy it? It is just one of these moments on the continuum that allows you to “catch your breath” and get some rest. Although “rest” may not be the most appropriate expression as it is more a time when your experiences are deepened without you having to “do” anything. It is a natural anchoring process which allows you in the next wave to go even higher in frequency and yet be stable on Earth. It is a natural rhythm. A necessary rhythm for anyone that is on the path to raise their vibrations.

Fullness of expression becomes available through deep listening and full body sensing

Finding the gift of the spaces in-between by focusing on what appears to be a no-thing

More becomes revealed as greater and greater attention is given to fine and subtle details

Willingness to let go of perception of limitation through re-entering natural spaces

Learning something very new, beyond of what is imaginable now, might indeed be possible

Noticing the fleeting moments when joy is present and returning to them intentionally

Stay Curious…is the answer to my question “I wonder how this will work?“. The question is automatically changed to “I wonder how this will flow?“. Stay Curious!

To be curious about life and how life will flow around, through or about something seems to be key. Not to have preconceived ideas. Not to hold any “right” answer before it has happened. I guess one of the more difficult things in today’s society as we are so “trained” to know the answers – to have the right answers and to do the “right” things according to frameworks that no longer serves us, or in part are outdated.

My biggest question right now is “how can I retain my sense of nothingness and at the same time also be out in the world among a lot of people?” Stay curious! Be open in every moment to receive. Be empty of ideas and solutions knowing that that is not the point. The point is to dis-cover new areas and new ways to receive creation – stay curious. The answer to ALL QUESTIONS is to stay curious and to receive that which is flowing in the moment.

You have your intention to “fall back on”. Trust that life will present itself aligned with your intention and in ways which serves the light and development for all. Stay curious, stay in the wonder of life.

To abandon “solutions” as the final answer for everything is to open for the beauty of the ever changing life. It is the possibility to sense the flow, to be the flow in every moment. As the moment is going into the next moment, so are you, and you are flowing with every expression of life. Be curious!

It is indeed a big wave that is set in motion and it will impact many people. Your “job” is to stay tuned and to take action on everything that feels true to your intentions.

The heart beat is getting stronger (I received a message that we are joining hearts entities from heaven with humans) and the pulse is calling others to join. When you synchronise your hearts the beat creates a pulse that many people can feel. The stronger we connect our hearts between Heaven and Earth, the more people we can reach.

Calibrating our hearts is easy. You do it naturally. This is also one of the reason for the check-in (I got a message that I need to check in every morning with “my non-human team” – ie take a moment to just be in the energy together). To calibrate and become like one heart is to increase our reach, but also because this is the way to be blended in our expression. It was never ment for us to be separate, but as you turned more “worldly” the balance shifted and the blending almost stopped. You do not need to think about “the blending” as 50/50, that is a too worldly description. Think of it more as a range of frequencies where you have the possibility to reach (encompass) very high frequencies at the same time as you also stay on Earth and in the manifest world within the seemingly low frequencies. You see, you are both. You are it all. Nothing was ever taken from you, you just choose to not see and feel it. As the higher frequencies again are more easily accessible you will find it quite natural for many people to just be them too.

It is an important aspect to BE the frequency or else you are externalising it and it becomes the “picture” of that which IS. This is not helpful. You have passed the time for externalisation of these qualities into Gods and Deities. It is time to incorporate, internalise and sense what is true in you, what qualities you hold as part of the ONE. Yes it is correct that this is how you will perceive it – that you hold certain specific qualities and that others hold other qualities. Isn’t nature like that? There are orange flowers, red, blue, yellow etc and they also have different (for example) healing properties, or other specific qualities. Some are good for the bees, some are good for eating. All of them are part of the whole with unique qualities. You are very much the same. Unique qualities who together are expressing the whole. Stop comparing yourselves. If only you could use a language without comparison – to learn to describe things without a point of reference, then you would dis-cover the world in a very different way. Try it!


Caring and agility open up ways to bring new things into ancient patterns

Daily learning and practice of new skills open up new possibilities

Joy of connection and understanding restores wholeness and transcends fear

Connection to the source of light is available in every moment

There are many things you let yourself be occupied with and you have already understood that it is, and will be, important that you be light in your energy and that you let you have the space you need to empty yourself from thoughts, other people and the world in general. This will change, but for now it is needed. Follow through on the plan to complete that which has been started and use the time right now to ”forget and reset”. If you hold something to tightly then it will block you. It is an art to set intentions, to stay true and to then at the same time ”not holding them”. In your physical realm you are so used to ”holding things” and you use a lot of methods to ”make things happen”. To enter creation from the higher realms you must totally forget how you have done it before and dis-cover how energy flows from intention into manifestation. It is quite ”easy”, you have just forgotten how easy it can be because you have all of these ”methods” how to create. As they are mostly related to achieving you get stuck in the old paradigm. Creating – or should we say creation – in the ”new paradigm” is as simple as brushing your teeth. Natural. Uncomplicated. We know that you are starting to feel the easiness with which you can create. No more heavy lifting. 🙂


I am amused that there was a red pill/blue pill presented at the conference table to all of the 23 ladies in our meeting! I also realise that the journey that I have been on is quite deep and that there is so much that I have done since I first ”took the red pill”. I think it might be time to re-confirm that I am still on this journey and that I continue to take the red pill of truth and that I am not interested in the blue pill of illusion…..What did you want to tell me with this?

We wanted to show you that everyone in that room at some point in time will be, or has been, offered the opportunity to open up for the wider perspectives. Not a single one of them are excluded. We also wanted to show you how brave you have been to walk the path. We are honoured to work with you and this was just a way to open your eyes and look back with pride on the journey you have taken. And as we have said before, the heavy lifting is over. When any of them come to you, you know what it is about. We do not mean that it will be these ladies that will come, but when we send people your way with similar background, then you know your journey and you can just rest in yourself and listen to that which wants to flow. It is imiportant that you so not get stuck in the ”what it is about” – it is as simple as ”the red pill or the blue pill”. The effect of taking either will differ from person to person and as you already know – it is not an instant shift that we ask of you, but rather an intention to be set: do you wish to open up to the greater thruth of who you are?

Right now many people will again get this question. Some will understand it as a question and for some it will look like life is breaking down. We will try to break through to many more people in the next 6 months and your stability is much needed. Stay tuned. Stay in your own centre. Do not get into the upheaval. You are anchors on Earth. The more you can anchor yourselves on Earth the more effect the light net will have. Increased light will be the effect, wchih will possibly cause even larger upheavals. Not to worry. You are stadily anchored. It is an important ”role” for the next 6 months – to be the anchor of the higher light so that it reaches out. If you are at home and with few people around then use that time to be balanced and injoy. When you are in situations where there are more people – be yourselves and enjoy. If you can be injoy, then that is perfect!

Stay out of drama and energies that you feel are not sound. It is meant to come out. You are to stay as the anchor for more light to come through. There is really nothing you need ”to do”, but there might be things that are playing out so that we get opportunities to put you in certain places. Still there is nothing for you ”to do”, but to be there and be your selves. What could be easier? Yes we know that you are still on a journey to find out who you really are and this is part of ”the fun” on this journey.

We are many here that want to be part of your team. Even if you do not know us by name you can call upon us. We work for the highest light. When you ask for something we will ”translate” that to be in the service of the highest light, which is why it may come back as a surprise to you. When you practise asking/setting intention then you will notice and understand, and maybe even explain to others, how the reponses come back to a question/request.

Pay less attention to ”how” it comes back. Understand that it always serves the highest light and that you do not always have the perspective ”of that which is the highest light”.

So, get yourselves out there and injoy! All is well.

An important first step is taken. You have prepared yourselves. The journey that began long time ago is now a little bit visible in the physical realm. There is much for you to dis-cover. You better start enjoying surprises and new things coming your way. So, how to have ”stability” and yet be on this journey? It is what you already do. You are anchored in yourselves and you let everything flow from there. You allow for ”things” to happen, for directions to change while still staying true to your intentions. As soon as you have your intension set ”right” you have your bearings and the journey can take any direction. Enjoy setting sails. Let the journey take off!

Playful moments of creating and sharing new ways of understanding

Flowing with the greater whole through celebration of respect

Connecting with awareness of what is naturally here underneath everything

Noticing oblique angles of light sharpening perception of taste and insight

Big picture perspective towards expanding new possibilities

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Allowing openness of the heart towards expansion of lightness and freedom

Observing the process of being rooted in the infinite and having courage to be unique

Experiencing freedom is especially precious when coming from places of previous limitations

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Lots of small steps connecting the dots, revealing how the inside and the outside are deeply intertwined

When awareness connects to the moment of now, it illuminates contentment underneath everything

I have just come out from a very intense period. It has been  “hard work” to get the website launched for us to have a foundation to lean on. As we are on a discovery journey we have of course also studied the energy present and our reactions in the process. I said to Morya – you have to excuse my grumpiness, I am tired. She understood. At several points there were tension. Morya called in impetus, a word that I have no relation to. I have a feeling that when we use tension in the right way it will serve as a stepping stone in our process – to something that is more true and honest. Maybe that is what the word impetus means…. to leverage a power that seemingly was not positive for development to something better. Being conscious about what is there helps to sort out the “negative” responses to be used as impetus – a spring board for a different action or direction. Lots of fun in this process. Lots of learning.

After the launch of the website and our joint venture Joy Ventures I literally have to shut down – I have a need for nothingness. I talked to a friend that said that there is a need to refill (energy) and I simply reacted with – no I do not need to refill I need to empty myself! This is quite contradictory to what we hear when we have been working hard. Maybe science now is catching up and through, for example mindfulness practices, they begin to understand that we in our wholesome state actually need nothing and that this is the state that we long for. Not to be filled with a whole new set of experiences, but quite the opposite – to empty ourselves from anything that has been going on. I have really had a feeling during this process (quite consciously) that I do not like myself when I am working so intensely. I also know that I did it as an active choice because I wanted the foundation to be ready so that we could move on with other things. I also have an upcoming vacation where I really wanted to “get ready” so that I could leave everything with a rather empty “to-do” list. It is so interesting to be an observer of my own energy and what is happening in my life, how I am the creator of everything that I experience!

My conclusion is that instead of refilling my system, I am in great need of nothingness. No plans. No agenda. Just be in the moment and sense what is. And when nothing is happening then that is absolutely perfect. I know that when I am in this place for some days, then my system will have emptied enough for life energy from the highest source to be able to reach me again, because I know that I am nothing but Joy when I cut out the noise.

Looking with new eyes and noticing small details become even more joyous when shared

Connecting through deep listening opens up spaces allowing emergence of something new

Being with the process of breathing, opening, and allowing, going into the depth of what is, even if it is dark, as something new inevitably emerges on the other side of it

Joy is a key towards an expanding sense of connectedness, encompassing other states of being within it

Playfulness is vast and peaceful when perceived from the expansive perspective of the ocean

Choosing joy is available every single moment, even when other states of being are present, as it can continue to radiate and permeate through everything

For something to be genuinely innovative it has to arise from a place of not knowing, from being willing to let go of the familiar

While adding joys to the compendium it has become clear that joys even the most subtle have many phases of development from our first experience with a particular source of joy to deepening our appreciation for something we find enjoyable. Here is four phases of joy you might recognise.

Phase 1 – The joy of discovery

Our first introduction to any specific joy is that before first experiencing it we had no idea that it existed. Whether it was the first spoonful of chocolate ice-cream, the first bar of our new favourite song before that moment we could only image that whatever it was would bring us joy. This means of course that Phase one joy always includes a sensation of surprise.

Phase 2 – The joy of familiarity

Once we are familiar with a joy we can add a new Phaseof enjoyment that arrises from the anticipation of that sensation.

Phase 3 – Shared joys

A joy shared is a joy multiple tenfold. Our sense of belonging and connection is enhanced when we recognise the same joy in others either because they are undertaking the same action that creates intense joy in us or because we can empathise with just how wonderful their sense if enjoyment is.

Phase 4 – Transcendent Joy

Connects us to something bigger than ourselves, creates a sense of meaning beyond an individual or narrow purpose.

Inner alignment brings continuous expansion of creative power, as inner opposition is dissolved through allowing, and  coherence within is strengthened



Bring attention to the adventures ahead and continue filling up with the joy of anticipation as long held dreams are coming true now

Starting today and continuing daily – exploring and sharing joys of co-creation through The 100 Days Project: 100 Days of Powered by Joy. Joy and creativity expand when shared

The journey is the destination

Connecting with our core intentions and gathering our thoughts to continue on joy ventures journey

I woke up this morning with a picture of how it is when we “align ourselves” to something. And then another picture/sensation came – and that is when we are in coherence to something…… It is like moving from a 2-dimensional view where everything needs to line up (towards a common goal or vision) to a space-like view where everything naturally align by gravity (or any other relevant force) to a point in space and where everyone can move freely around this center point! Quite a difference in how we think about creation. It is very important to me that we make the shift from “aligning to something” to “becoming coherent with our inner light” as this will make creation happen more or less by itself – orchestrated by life itself.

I said to Morya yesterday that we are to stay true to ourselves and follow our inner guidance – always. We do not need to ask permission to do things – when we are coherent to our inner light we are also naturally in coherence to others that are in our field. And then it follows that everything we do naturally “aligns” – it becomes like in nature where everything has a perfect order without arranging it! Nothing to think about. It will all unfold naturally.

For me it starts with understanding my INTENTIONS. It is like a stick in the ground where things, actions, people, etc naturally gravitates around. It is like a magnet. When I am true in my intentions (ie when connected to the intention and my feelings are of a high frequency, joyous, loving, compassionate), then creation will happen around it without me really “doing” anything. I call it “crystallization”.

It will be the most beautiful dance with Life! I can sense it in my body. There is so much lightness in creating this way. When I am in coherence with my inner light, then I naturally align with others that are coherent in their light and a crystallization (a beautiful formation) is the result. Everyone is totally free and at the same time we are also in this beautiful formation together….!

It is good that you recognize your gifts. You understand that you are on a journey to fine-tune you with the frequency of your gift. It is rare to have come “this far” with your particular gift. You have not surrounded yourself with people that naturally flow with this gift as this has given you opportunity to become stronger in yourself – really fine-tuning your own sensing.  Try not to explain to others “how you do it”, it is not important. Try be more in the gift experience and be curious how it wants to flow with you. This is the easier path for you as you will then use your curiosity to see how your gift is guiding you rather than questioning your ability (as you so often end up in doing when you want to explain to others how your guidance/gift works). They will never be able to understand as their “operating system” does not work the same way as yours. So for you to be curious about your gift is a far better way to expand as you then invite that energy more consciously. You can already feel how much lighter your are – right? And how your heart is smiling…. Yes!

Be curious! Receive the experiences life brings and be in them. You “have the right” to express You. You are now fine-tuning the way you do that without hesitation, to the point, without taking responsibility for others in the process, with a huge amount of compassion and love. Totally fearless. As you do so you will see how the energy field totally shifts and that you will be completely free in your space, always. No considerations, just blurt it out! Pause and see/sense the response without taking it personal. Leave space for others to express themselves. Remember to express from your point of awareness.

When awareness meets awareness something extraordinary happens. It will be an immediate expansion in/of the Universe. It will be like an explosion. You will feel it and you may ask yourselves “what happened?”.

When you train yourselves to this level of expression then you will expand on consciousness without having “to do things”. You just express and like an alchemical process another Soul’s expression is added, making it an explosion of expanded consciousness. Quantum Leaps will be taken when things happen in this way. You are not yet ready to create these kinds of experiences, but as you become more refined in your energy bodies this might just happen spontaneously as a result of your committed, joyous experiencing.

We just wanted to share it in the perspective of “doing” and the journey that you are on now, pointing out that this is the “real reason” for your journey – for you to try, to play and use yourselves as the tools for the expansion. That is the real game! Everything else is just “the excuse”.

So when you come together – stay tuned in your process and less focused on “the result”. You already know it, we just wanted to lift that to the surface of your consciousness once more. We are excited to cocreate with you on this journey! It is an exploration where few have been and it is exciting. So don’t get lost in what it is you are going to “produce” – have fun in the exploration of possibilities and playing with creation!

I am working quite intensely right now. I like what I am doing but I feel angry from time to time and I ask my inner guidance why that is.

There are several aspects that are contributing, but you feel it as one. First and foremost – make sure you take breaks. Enjoy. Be in the moment. It is not a competition – it is a piece of art that is coming forth. You still hold in your system a kind of “satisfaction” to have completed something. This is very deep inside you. It is after it is done that you can relax. 

To enjoy life more you will have to relax as your are in the doing. It will be ready when it is ready. Practice listening to your own presence in every moment. That is life. It is when you loose connection to life that you get angry. So the old “getting it done so that you can relax” is to be changed to an upgraded version of your operating system where you are present in every moment as you are doing things. There is no “getting it done”. You are to be present with whatever you are doing. Always . That is the place to be.  You have practiced a lot, but you tend to forget when things get intense. Just remember to take breaths in micro breaks every now and then. Your breath will take you back into the stream of life where beautiful expressions will be created. 

In yesterday’s yoga session the word “balance” triggered something in me. And I understood that how I previously have thought about balance needed an upgrade. Why is that you may think?

Let me give you a little background…. When I left the corporate world for a different life, then I said to myself “I want to go from 100% movement/activity to 0% movement/activity from one moment to the next“. For anyone that is stressed out from work you realize how challenging this is. But I was so sure that this was the path for me. To be 100% in activity/engaged in one moment and in the next moment to be totally in “no-activity”. But without these moments to be a balancing act of some kind.

When I was working in a traditional way then I understood “balance” as a balancing act between time of activity and time with no activity. In my busy work life there was no time for no-activity as I was required to work a lot by the nature of my role. I “had to” be present in meetings and I did a lot of travel. This was really straining on my energy. I am sure that many of you also recognize that there are a lot of built in requirements in today’s work environments. My body found a way to compensate….it droppen my engagement level from 100% to very low levels. Clever. It did a kind of balancing to cope. It was a way for my body not to shut down completely. So this is the understanding that I have held – that I need to balance “time with activity” with “time of no activity” to survive.

Yesterdays yoga session tough me something different. When I am balanced then I can be 100% engaged and in activity. When I am balanced then I can also be 100% in no-activity. I must be in a place of balance to reach those states. They are not to balance out one another! The concept “to balance” activity with no activity only exist in duality. When you go beyond duality there is (already) balance and maybe the only way to go beyond duality is to be balanced – to be connected in/with my whole being – for spirit and body to be one. Then I will be able to be 100% engaged in activity and in the next moment be 100% engaged and in no activity. I am balanced regardless!


Is it time to redefine success? As I am watching the Olympics I come to think of different strategies to “make it”. Two different pictures comes to mind and I can feel it in my body how very different they are energy wise.

I sense one athlete that vibrates of energy. She is fighting to make it to the top. She works extremely hard and is very concentrated. She pushes herself. Every victory along the way is a step towards succeeding in winning a golden medal. Every competition is another step towards the goal. Her whole system is set on it.

Another athlete comes along. She has a totally different energy. She is relaxed. She is smiling. And she enjoys the moment of racing. Her energy is in every step along the way. She feels her body respond to the wish to go fast. She is connected with her whole system to the feeling of “fast”. She smiles as she finishes her race. Yes she came in first, but that is not the only reason why she is happy. She is happy because she loves racing and it is such a joy to be able to do what she loves!

I have already understood that I do not have to use my “fighting” to get anywhere. In fact there is probably nowhere “to go”. As I understand more and more of my own personal journey then I know that I am not sustainable when I “fight” and push myself towards something. My recent experiences has really been about being on the journey, in the moment to receive the experiences that are there. Yes, my body holds some kind of purpose. It is more a feeling than “a thing”. When I am connected to this “feeling purpose”, which I have come to understand has a lot to do with JOY, then my life unfolds beautifully and I enjoy every moment of it. I am injoy.

Life responds with experiences that are aligned with my feelings. From time to time I meet my fears and are given an opportunity to resolve them so that I can live even more from my joyous state. Gone are the days of fighting to get anywhere. Here are the days to express my joy and receive the gifts life presents!  So redefining what success looks like to me, how would I go about it? I navigate with the help of feelings when life feels at its best, when I am alive and vibrant. I would sense what feelings are present in my body and then use these feelings as indicators of me living a “successful” life.

How does success look to you?

My philosophy teacher at high school in the late ’70th was the reason I ended up studying IT. We were studying logic and I was fascinated by the subject. If this, then that, else something different….  He said “logic is the basis for programming computers”. I was “sold on the idea” and knew that I wanted to study programming, or as it was called in Sweden – ADB which translates to “automated data processing”.

Anyway, you may realise that IT was not a very common path in the early ’80s. I have never regretted taking that route. I still love technology and what it can do. Logic comes very natural to me. It simply is logical :-). My brain does not have to think, it just is there. And when things are not logical, then my body protests…. It is very interesting to have this background now when I am a student of creation and when logic is not logical any more. And when new logical pathways opens up.

Since I left the corporate world 2009 I have been on a de-programming and re-programming journey. What I learned I had to de-learn. What I now start to understand has come as a re-programming in my system. This is all very interesting and required that I was ready to let go of “truths” and facts that are intrinsic in our society and the way we are brought up. It has not been an easy ride but well worth it. I experience life very differently now. It can not really be explained, but has to be experienced. I have tried many times to “explain” what it is that I am now sensing and what sometimes I “know”, but so far it has mostly created frustration. I thank god for all the young people that already comes with the Human 3.0 operating system and that are ready to take off! We need to listen carefully to what they know.

This was just a small introduction. I wanted to share last weeks happening when Morya and I were talking about the website. It was not meant to become a website (at least not now). I started to create a blog where our journey notes could go as I was really bored writing on google docs. That simply did not entice me, so I just created a blog for our own notes. It just happened to become something that looked nice and we both felt that we should not keep it to ourselves but open it up for anyone that just happened to find us. I had started work on a domain that I already owned but that did not feel right as we really wanted something with “Joy” in it. We started to search for domain names that was descriptive of our intention and adventure. Somewhere along the lines my programming brain said that “we are buying a domain and we need to think down the road that this should also fit with a company name….so then it all blow up to something that was much bigger. We wanted to start a company in the UK with a name that we both could agree to. Morya said “I can do the registration”. I felt that all was moving very smoothly, even if I had spent quite some time to investigate possible options for a name and then checking if that name was available in the UK company register. Tedious work, but quite joyous sensing into the quality of the different names and the possibilities they could bring. I was fully convinced that if we select a domain name then we also need to be clear on “branding” and company name of our endeavor.

The next day Morya said that this was no fun anymore and that she had had to take a break and really sense into the situation. We had been so sure that we were going smoothly so were did we go wrong? I returned back into my own energy and I suddenly realised where my brain had just entered into an IF… THEN… (old) logic. I asked myself again what was important to me. I just wanted us to make a decision on a domain name that carried the feeling of our work. And I assumed that this implies that we also need to be clear on a company and that we also should register this company…. Do we need a company at this point in time? No, we don’t. So I told Morya that from my perspective we do not need a company, I just want us to decide on a domain name…. So when that was sorted we just needed some more minutes to come to a decision. www.JoyVentures.co is now the place where you will find us! The decision was so quick and easy that it almost did not feel like a decision. It just was there for us to see.

Some days life just feels heavier than others. After a couple of rather “heavy” days with a lot of interesting experiences (which I will share later) I received the following guidance.

Whenever you loose sight of Joy then you are in some way misaligned in your energy. There are many ways in which this can happen. One of the most common is to be in the future trying to figure out “solutions”. Not only can you not know the future but you also loose your foothold in the present moment AND you put beliefs out about the future that might prevent you from receiving solutions that we would like to create for you. Ie you will continue running around and create in circles you already know. So stop having thoughts about the future! It can only imprison you, specially if it is connected to heavy energies.

We know it is much to ask not to have any thoughts at all….but do your best to have as little thoughts as possible about what is to come. Remember that you are on an adventure that is called life! Life wants to “teach” you about many things. Everything you receive as an experience is also a “teaching”. It brings an opportunity to grow in consciousness. How you receive your experiences will determine “the outcome”. You can actively learn and expand. You can be neutral and the experience might just pass. You can resist/react and become even more stuck in your energy. Your choice! Life will continue to bring experiences on your journey and you can decide how to receive them! 🙂

Growing from experience is one of the fastest ways to release more of your gifts and uniqueness into the world. You become stronger in your energy acting more out of Joy rather than reacting to your experiences. It is a lovely journey that is unfolding!

As the joy journey ramps up Marie and I have started to get moving. The idea that we want to get serious, arises and makes us laugh.

No, we are not getting serious.

That word makes us feel heavy, as if we are readying ourselves for hard labour. It suggests we are going to turn the joy journey into an uphill struggle.

We could do that of course. We could struggle and fall and keep going no matter how arduous the path. We are trained to think such an approach is admirable and that nothing worth having can come easily. When we reach the top we could look back and say “look how hard that journey was? How great are we that we managed to drag ourselves through that, we made it to the top we must be awesome. ”

We could do that but this is the time for something different. For a start, a Joy Journey has no fixed goal at the end, it starts with an intention and unfolds from there. This may seem vague but we would say the best exploratory journeys start with less certainty and more openness and faith.

Plus, part of the journey is to notice the quality and sensation of inspiration which marks out the path rather than viewing the future and trying to guess the steps it will take to get there.

So what can we say about our intent? There is not one way of describing it as each participant will have their own unique spin on it. Perhaps though a good start would be to say we intent to create something that shines. Something that is shiney enough to act as an invitation or enticement for others to shine too. Not an invitation to “shine like this” but to shine with an intensity and colour that is unique to themselves. An invitation, that reminds everyone that to shine is their natural way of being.

As we begin to explore this intent how shall we begin then? Not with seriousness, we need not steel ourselves or tough up for the battle ahead. None of these will do. We must loosen ourselves, lighten, brighten and liberate ourselves. Instead of getting more serious, we must get brighter.

Our unfolding adventure is really taking off! We share a field and it feels easy to draw creations from that field. Yes I do things, but I do not have to think so much, just tap into the field and sense what wants to show up next. If I think about what it will be in the end (when we are ready :-), which we will never be) then I stumble. When I feel what is my next step today, then it flows nicely.

We have set a “milestone”. We want to do some kind of launch April 11th. Today is March 1st. A lot has been accomplished already. Just by flowing with that which feels good in the moment. A lot will happen in the next 6 weeks!

I very much appreciate Morya and how we flow together. We both complement one another and we have some common experiences to fall back on. There is a field in which we feel comfortable and curious at the same time. We both have IT backgrounds and she can easily follow when I try to explain something which I feel we should do with websites, payment solutions, webinars, etc. That is all well, but the biggest thing for me is that she also knows and understand the world beyond and that we are on a journey to explore how we create from joy. I can not enough appreciate the gratitude I feel for this opportunity that we have created. Or should I say that it has been created for us? I do not feel that I have done anything more than many years having set out the intention and desire that I would like to be a student of creation and cocreation – how it really works. And now 6-7 years down the road it is coming about! Without me doing it. Yes I am acting on the opportunities that is being presented. And that is it. I am using my Joy compass to sense if it is feels joyous and then responding in the way that “feels right”, well aware of that there are no right or wrong ways to go about it. The most important thing is that I feel into what “is right” for me in that moment.

I do use logic sometimes also. Perhaps still to an extent where it would serve me better to just go with the feeling and have even less work to do. I just think that I am practicing by logically going through some of the options – like yesterday when I was looking into what company name and domain do we use for our venture. I started to look for open domain possibilities in combination with versions that included our most important word – Joy(s). I just started on a list and made it open on Google Drive for Morya to feel into when she had time. We worked on the topic in this shared space on the drive without having to talk about it. I started the list. She added to it. I made som more additions. I think that we today will have a dialogue together about it and sense the answers to the questions:  What field are we? What name can be a true representation of that energy? What feels joyous?

I know she is there. For many years I have had the feeling that I have been really alone. I have friends and I have created many things, but in the field of what really matters to me then I have felt quite lonely. Morya said the other day “why do you ask me about this” and the point she was trying to make was that I did not need her approval and thus should not have to ask her. I realize that I might be asking questions to trigger some kind of response so that I can feel that I am not alone. This is a pattern that has been with me my entire life, wanting to get confirmation that I am not alone, not abandoned. It is like I just want to hear someone whisper a “yes” to the questions “Are you still there?”, “Do you still love me?”, “Are we good?”.

I will be more observant when I ask questions from this space in me. I know that even if Morya would like to do something else, I am still fine and there is no one out there to ask permission from. It is just me loving myself and releasing my energy without asking permission to do so.

We are in this field together. It is getting stronger by the day as we let life flow through us in an expression of Joy!

I just had a conversation with the person that has experience from filming. It was clear to me that when we introduce the filming aspect then we also add an observer to the process and that may totally change the energy. I played with the idea that this is a team member (the film camera). The observer and the one that can come with very intricate insights to the process and what we are into. That made me smile, so it must be on the “right” way to how to include a camera into our work. I also tested another scenario – and that was not at all joyous in my body – the one where we are filming our experience and the camera is just the observer. So going forward I envisage the camera being operated by me or someone else on the team and we then become the voice of the camera team member (the name is Hero!). It can also be the silent witness to some of our conversation. We will all meet for the first time at the end of March (a month away) so I will need to practice the handling before then! The purchase is a gopro 6 and the decision was made to have the easiest way to create footage and short snippets of film to share.

I wake up with the understanding that we are not here to work…. We are here to express our unique gifts and that may look like work :-). It is interesting how the crystallization of organisations will look like in the future when people are expressing their gifts and when that calls them together as a crystallization. This is also what the Joy Journey is about. To explore totally new ways to create and cocreate. And to document it all along the way so that we can share the experience with others.

Activity, venture or project inspired by joy rather than driven by need or a well-defined end goal. On such a journey outcomes are revealed in response to joy inspired action and the willingness to let go of perceived ideas of success. The deepest type of joy journey is experienced when LIFE lives through the participants.

This list of new and existing words have been collected here to celebrate the vast array of joy that we humans have access to. The intention is to maximise enjoyment and potential by defining joys, that readers and contributors have personally experienced and those we might want to experience.

New terms are designed to encourage exploration of a joy that there is currently no name for (not just because making up words is great fun, although it is).

Our greatest hope in building this compendium is that everyone who reads it might explore and expand their experience of joy in their life.

While we have no lofty goals to “save the world” with this project, it is clear that being able to define what our “better world” will look and feel like requires a deep understanding of joy.

Could we build such a library of words for joy for individuals and groups to share that we would eventually see joy on project plans? Could we begin to embed measures of joy into government programmes? If the solutions to our global problems included a measurement of the amount of joy they created rather than just the suffering avoided, how much more successful might they be?


Often, after we have had a group call the themes of the call start to crystallise into insights. This weeks call emphasised the different between working in resonance and harmony.

The aim of working together is not to bring each member into resonance, that would imply that the group requires each member to be vibrating at the same frequency as it were. What we want to explore is how to have each member be in harmony with one another in their expression of the idea at the heart of the venture or ventures undertaken in joy journeys.

When we work in harmony the venture is expanded and enriched. In the same way as a song sung by one person can be beautiful but the same song sung by many people singing in harmony is richer.

The momentum is building up. The more you dare BE the expression of that which you long for, the more the field will expand. Lightness is key. So whatever you do – feel the lightness of BEing light up your heavier and denser reality. To take the step to flow with ease is to let go of heaviness and duties and enter the field of play & no-duties. 

The calling to express yourself comes from your soul and when you let go of duties then your soul can more easily find a way to fill your BEing. A lightness will enter. Your look upon life will change. Nothing may feel important, yet you will easily express and manifest that which you radiate and hold in your essence. 

You were looking for a word some days ago…. So how can you express “to get serious” with something when you are in this light field? The word serious seems to have upset your energy and made you heavy, right? 

It is not the word in itself. Words does not really have meaning. They get the meaning you attribute them. It is true that some languages are closer to true vibration than others, and that some languages “have gotten lost in translation”. 

You attribute value/energy to words. That is also held in mass consciousness by the masses. You could, if you wish, clear the energy around a word, but may we suggest that you instead continue on your journey to dis-cover new words and ways to express what you feel. It will be a less heavy route to take. 

As you tune into the energy and listen to the vibration, you might find sounds, colors or words that matches the vibration that you would like to express. You will re-discover the ritchness of expression. Art in all its expressions is important on this journey. Be playful. Dare to go beyond today’s language. 

Be creative. Be divine!

I am pondering about “how to get organized”. Together. It feels like we are in different circles. A couple of people are in the center. Others are more in the outer circles of the energy. That which holds us together is the intention that we have set out for this field. I definitely feel that I am in the center. This IS me. It is my life’s work – to explore creation and to release my highest expression of JOY on the journey.

I am also thinking that I will help others on their journey. As soon as that thought comes into my body then I become heavy and feel sick. I AM NOT HERE TO HELP ANYONE! Trying another way to express what I feel. I am here to guide others. Also that does not work….

I am here to be IN SERVICE! 

I am not even here to be “at service”, but “in service”. Immediately a very funny picture comes to me – to be “out of order” – ie not being in service, maybe that’s what many of us feel like? To be in service means to me that I am open to LIFE and how life wants to flow throw me. When in that state then that will be of service and I will be in service! Lovely feeling. Totally free. There is no object to relate to when I am in service. It is not related to someone or anything. It is just me and LIFE flowing through me in a joyous dance. How wonderful!

There are many definitions of freedom but for the purposes of this project our definition will be freedom from body and mind. If I am not the body and not the mind, what am I. And how can I tell? Because I choose what I am, once free of the ideas of the body and the mind,  I am free to be something else.

The journey to freedom is full of degrees of freedom that feel like arrival but are really just stops along the way. Yet each degree provides some benefits. For example, leaving higher level needs behind such as the need for recognition, praise, belonging, etc reduces fear and means we can jump off the hamster wheel. We no longer need to work so hard to keep meeting those needs, we can just let them go.

But of course letting them go means we have to be willing to give up the possibility of experiencing pride in our achievements, we will no longer have the experience of feeling skilled, special, accomplished etc. Such things are artefacts of the cause and effect world. In this world our actions cause things to happen. If those things are good we congratulate ourselves. To let go of the self allows us to conceive of another language of reality.

Currently the way we make sense of the world is by mapping out causes. We have physical rules that explain the causes and the effects. We also have theories and philosophies that explain how individuals and groups work. All of them have a basic language. When we observe something to understand it’s meaning we look back in time to see its cause. Then we look forward to predict its effect. Everything, ideas, theories or hypothesis we collect creates a framework for us to move around the world.

We ignore the fact that we also know that everything in the perceivable world is made up of molecules including the air we breath. So in fact even though we perceive many differentiated objects in our world there is really only a sea of molecules. What creates the world is our perception systems, our senses. In a very real way we create our world and ourselves. We create inside a “container” that has all the templates (DNA, traditions, culture, etc). Then we forget we are one thing and feel our separateness from other objects and people in the world.


So in many ways freedom is the wrong word. Perhaps better is “realisation” we can realise our true nature. Or can we? Our true nature must be beyond the perceivable world, which means we have no access currently to or sense that can explain what that is. If we think we feel our true nature it is only it’s reflecting in perceivable world, like looking in a mirror we can see its likeness but not it. Emptiness or no-thing-ness is what spiritual teachings call it. They usually caution that if you think you can describe it or know what it is, that isn’t it. In fact, it is easier to say what it is not than what it is. Not very helpful and without personal exploration it sounds like rubbish and pointless waste of time.

Perhaps the benefits of exploring liberation earnestly (as Nisgaradatta advised) is that the first thing that happens when we let go of our identity, is that we can immediately see it as something we have constructed and so we can destroy without fear. Once we have let go of our constructed image we are free to explore very different ways of being, we let go of ourselves and all the “rules” as well. Except gravity that is really useful, unless you want to fly of course.

If we get to define the rules what could we think up that would change the perceivable world to something even more wonderful? What intention makes sense?

This seems to be a good question to pursue and so we shall in our joy journey.

The paradox of a destination with no needs for motivation is a core area of investigation for this project. As we discover how to “get things” done in new ways without the tension created by “needs.” What we do have is “wants” which might seem like the same as a need but the difference is subtle but powerful. A “need” brings with it the tension of having to have and suffering if that need is not fulfilled. In comparison a want is a desire that would be nice but is not a necessity and so can be let go of easily or at least not turn into a burden if the want is not received as it has been envisaged.

Creating with ease is a goal of our co-creative work – this statement is appealing and repulsive at the same time. Seems like it would be great to create with ease but there are entrenched ideas that must be dissolving before that can happen:

One idea that comes to mind when thinking about creating with ease is “nothing worthwhile comes without struggle.” Perhaps this can be reframed by defining struggle differently? Riding the paradoxes until a new clarity is formed could be described as “struggle.” or perhaps use Carol Dweck’s description of the “glorious struggle” which is the enjoyable sensation of digging in and discovering deeper layers of understanding, filled with “aha” moments and beautiful insights.

“No pain, no gain” is another idea that requires us to suffer in order to make progress. This could perhaps be removed as an idea in its entirety. In lots of ways it never really made sense. Lots of things are gained without “pain.”

Another common idea that requires us to avoid ease is, “Things that come easily have little substance.” When things come easily it is sometimes difficult to notice how important they are to the larger goal. If things just turn up it’s easy to see them as not part of the goal you are striving for because no striving was involved. Also if there is little clarity about what the end goal is – ie it’s part of an exercise in allowing and unfolding, it can be easy to overlook something’s relevance.

How can we create something that has even substance to start creating it’s on gravity. Something that is “weight” without being so serious and heavy that we can not use joy to navigate it’s unfolding?

Perhaps we can use emotions to connect lightly with whatever turns up. Is the event or idea enlivening? Does it make you feel excited or drained? Our project might in this case be less about creating a project plan with milestones in the traditional sense and more about creating a an emotion map, with a description of how we want to feel as the goal, then other feelings as subgoals. Activities that we know create such feelings might then be markers along the way.

As I type this the other old idea that comes up is that feelings are fickle, transigent and unreliable. They are certainly transigent but can they provide navigation guides? This is just one of the questions this project will answer along the way to it’s many goals. In this case, perhaps understanding the transient nature of feelings will help avoid getting stuck along the unfolding path and more oever provide the a sensitive enough tool with which to navigate unknown waters.


You were asking about the journey and how it will unfold. As you already understood there is no point in us telling you how it is going to unfold as you are to explore the unfolding of the journey! If we would tell you in advance then you would not have the possibility to study how you experience the unfolding journey 🙂 ! 

But if you would like to send me guidance for example about people to contact etc, how would that happen?

Then we will “send” that as inspiration to you. That is why it is so important that you tune in frequently. We are quite resourceful when it comes to ways to inspire you – don’t you think? We know you have already experienced it in numerous occasions when you get surprised about what you feel you “would like to do”. This is us sending you an impulse “to act” on something. When you act on the impuls you may meet a person or something else will happen that was “the real reason” for the impulse! This is why it is so crucial that you do not question or reason with the impulses, but just follow through and act on it – it is one of our ways to create synchronicity!

I am walking and pondering about intention. How does intention work? I feel quite clear about our intentions. Suddenly I realize that the word is “in tension” – that we are in tension with our creations and what we are intending. This opens up a whole new thought chain in me and I suddenly realize why it is important that we have both a verb and a substantive in the sentence when we set out intentions – it is creating a field – a tension! I suddenly remember the teaching that I received a couple of months ago when I felt that I had a rubber band around my back and that this rubber band was creating tension towards a person I was thinking about. I lost my bearings and I found myself crashing into the person of my thoughts when I touched upon the thought “what does this person need from me?”. Not a nice way to create. I tried again and then I was focusing on my own energy and presence. I was very surprised by the outcome. Suddenly I found myself in a dance with another person. That person did not crash into me, but was already in the dance with me. So I understood how important it is to remain in my own space, presence and in the now to have the field work and create opportunity for us to dance together!

I now realize that it is similar to the insight I just received. When I hold an intention I am setting myself in tension to something or someone. And when I can be with my own energy and stay centered and joyous then that which I have created tension to will move towards me. And I do not even have to do anything!

I said to Morya “we need to get serious about this”, and I immediately felt that the word serious gives me a feeling of heaviness. There is no play any longer when it becomes serious… So what do I change it to? We talked a bit about it and I searched my system to find the language for “when I am committed, focused and feel that it is important and that I want to do it and that I also feel a lightness in doing it”. What word is there to summarize that? A word that does not take away the feeling of joy that I feel inside? It feels like we will have to develop som new language on this journey!

As we are progressing with the work I have started to think about what “roles” we need in order to make our team complete…. And I just realize that that too will have to be dropped. There are no roles to be filled. There are just the intention of what we do and people lining up with their gifts from a place of Joy.  The old idea that we shape roles and for people to fill them is passé – it simply does not fit the journey we are on. It is just an old though that we need to create roles and to have people fit with these roles. We have set out our intention. It vibrates. It draws people to us that have gifts that will naturally express themselves into the whole. So no more roles, just the joy of rolling out our individual colours.

I was contemplating before leaving for India where I could find someone with the capacity and joy to make films. I know two people close to where I live. I hold the business card of one of them in my hand and I do not quite feel good in my body. And for sure if I am to make decision from joy, then there is no joy making contact. So I wonder where will I find this person? I decide to set the question aside and to again connect a week later when I am back from India.

The thought did not even cross my mind about”who can help us with filmed material”, but on the day I was back I was contacted by “a complete stranger” who wanted to make contact on LinkedIn. He was in the process of making a film about organisations that reinvent themselves! I described in short terms our journey – to  create from joy – and asked him if he wanted to talk more. He immediately connected to Joy being his driver and we talked for an hour a couple of days later. It feels like he is in our field of work, although I do not yet know in what capacity, ie which of his gifts that he will express with joy in our field of work. This will be very interesting to explore and to follow the process! We will meet again in a week to see how our intuition is guiding us and if we are called to play and have fun together! It will be easy to determine. The energy between us, and in the field will tell!

I am at home again. The silence here stands in a very intense contrast to India. I already long to be more connected and in the movement of life and to express that which is my joy. I feel that I am “cured”. I do not need to work in the traditional way. I can just relax into the experience of life knowing that all is well. It was interesting to study myself back there in the meetings and conference in India. How easy it was to listen to people when they speak from their heart. And noticing how my whole system is shutting down when I try to listen to a person that is speaking conceptually from their brain. There is simply no energy there. No joy. I feel that I can now separate the two sides in me. The one side that wants to understand and to logically set direction to do things. And the other side that can relax in to the moment, listen without needing to do anything and then come to the point in me where I feel the direction – for me. Not for anyone else. I am to express what is my joy. I am not here to “help” anyone else, even if that has been a theme throughout my life. To help. To sense where there are imbalances and to try balance it out with my energy. That is no longer my direction. I am to make sure that I am balanced. And to express my joy  and see what expression that wants to take.

I sense that I will collaborate and cocreate with many people. Something very beautiful is unfolding. They have already done their inner work. They are balanced and know how to express their own joy and gifts into the world. We dance with life and we let creation happen through us! We are in the now, in the process, and less focused on the results. We focus in our intention and let the process and the resulting creation unfold.

Thas is right. There is nothing else that you “need” to do. To express YOU is the highest meaning there is. And of course you will need to unfold YOU in order to express your energy. Nothing is more important than to unfold your gifts into the world as you are doing right now. It takes courage. You are bold enough to “make it happen” and to relax into the experience. Your efforts will not be wasted. Time is not  an issue. Quality is. Continue the unfolding journey to express more of your true nature. That is magical!

You are in a beautiful RESET (down with the flu). Everything you no longer need will be taken away. And a new opening to the unknown is being created, or should we say “just opening up”. It is not so much created as it is a ripple opening up to other layers. Layers that you know you have access to will now be more “integratedely” available – ie in everyday life. Trust your knowing, follow the unfolding path. Be aware where you set your foot next time – as it will open up the next step.

To become a conscious creator you first have to know where your awareness is placed. Your creations are a result of, and always follows your awareness.This is a journey to explore creation and co-creation. As such it is also a journey to understand more about awareness and how the interplay of awareness makes up your world.

It is too early to explain the details. Continue your exploration and follow through on “the plan” (inspiration) to document it. It will give you traces to understand more about “the whole thing”. Not that the whole thing can be explained, but you will get closer :-). Enjoy your adventure!

I looked at this picture and asked question about what it was I saw and if “they” could explain cocreation to me…..

It is always a Joy to us when we can blend our energies. You were looking at the particle and wave picture and came to the understanding that the particle is a reflection of the wave. This is something we would like to comment on further. The particle can be nothing but a reflection of the wave. When that is understood then much will change in your understanding how things manifest.

So when we talk about “that which you vibrate”  then we are talking of the more subtle energies of that which you are. You remember Ralph (who I wrote the book together with) talked about the sub-atomic energies? It is like a go-between energy. When you study consciousness and awareness in relation to wave and particle then you will be be able to make the equation come together.

It is your awareness and how you use it that can influence the particle/wave “result” Awareness is a living energy field. You all have access to awareness and you have a choice how you use (focus) it.

So to understand the wave-particle equation you also have to put into the equation how you use your awareness.

Many people do not feel they have a choice and are at one end of the frequency spectrum (low). That is also part of the human experience to understand that you can move yourself on the frequency scale and thus create a different version of your reality. It is as you can understand not black and white, but a gliding scale as to where you are able to hold your awareness.

What is awareness?

It is a gift from God. It has been given to you to create the experience in the manifest world. It is much you have yet to learn about awareness and how you can use your awareness to help raise your vibration. Your vibration is made up of emotions, thoughts and your physical presence (ie the mental body, emotional body and physical body). When you use pure awareness (ie that which is the unconditional, allowing and loving energy) and put pure awareness on something that is vibrating in a low frequency – then you could potentially change that right away.

But as you identify to a large extent with your bodies (emotional, physical and mental) then you do not have access to pure awareness and can therefore not transform the energies instantly. The transformation process is often gradual, but it may also be instant. It is a matter of your relation to your bodies, your access to awareness and also dependant on the journey you designed for yourself. Although you can always make other stops on your journey and sometimes even change it.

So – back to awareness: Stay open and tuned on the subject and more will follow.

We are already in the dance together. Life dances with us! We allow ourselves to swivel around still knowing that we are dancing around and expanding on our purpose – both individually and together. Alexandra and my meeting yesterday was extremely “to the point” – I can almost sense “the point” inside of me. We talked about a lot of things and the sensation in me was that we were “to the point” even though we were “talking around”. The point is a place inside of me. Not sure yet about the physiology. I would say right now that it is the lower abdomen. Anchored. Powerful. It is extremely flexible and at the same time very rooted (beyond time). It is a wonderful feeling. It feels true and it’s also extremely fulfilling. We have talked the first time for 8 minutes in an online workshop (4 minutes each). And this was now the second time that we talked a little longer. We already have a shared “vision”. It was already there. We did not strive to get it sorted out between us. It just IS. And we can still expand as much as we want (and dare). It is rooted in another frequency where we are united and “thinks” like ONE. How did we “get there”? Obviously not by working together. Not because we are alike. Not because we have a common background or even a common idea about what to do in life. We came to this point because we love to expand our own energy and to listen to what life is telling is. And because we trust in ourselves and therefore are able to trust the voice and happenings life is showing and we know the quality of truth when it presents itself in another person.

Our journey has begun!

You are vessels of energy that are very strong. It will burst out like a tantrum. It can not be controlled. It is life that express itself through you. The energy is of a high frequency and it is very transformative. You see…. transformation in this new era will not be the old-school way. Transformation will come in waves and you will be such a wave – or maybe rather we should say that the waves will erupt through your presence. It is all about presence. You being there vibrating with life energy. It will be like an eruption. This is why we call it a tantrum. It will by no means be negative. Connecting and expressing Joy tantrums can transform any situation. You have actually experienced it. Just think about a group of people that are connected and who are expressing (letting the energy burst out). It will be like magic. Noone in its proximity can be unaffected. Now let this team form (come together) into the dance of life and listen to how it wants to express itself!

I feel that we have all prepared for many years. Ourselves. Pieces that fits into the bigger picture. We have methods to contribute. We hold experiences. We hold a frequency that are lighter than the old paradigm.

We are to leave the thought of developing things behind us. It is already done. We have prepared. We are prepared. We are to stay open to receive the pieces and put them in place. Most of them are already there. We know them. We have them. We should ask ourselves “what do I feel passionate about and what can I contribute that is aligned with my passion?”. Then as we identify these pieces we fold them into the big (jigsaw) framework. We do not need to invest in developing a lot of new things. Just put what we already have as the starting point. This can then emerge as we experiment and gain more insight!