I woke up this morning with a picture of how it is when we “align ourselves” to something. And then another picture/sensation came – and that is when we are in coherence to something…… It is like moving from a 2-dimensional view where everything needs to line up (towards a common goal or vision) to a space-like view where everything naturally align by gravity (or any other relevant force) to a point in space and where everyone can move freely around this center point! Quite a difference in how we think about creation. It is very important to me that we make the shift from “aligning to something” to “becoming coherent with our inner light” as this will make creation happen more or less by itself – orchestrated by life itself.

I said to Morya yesterday that we are to stay true to ourselves and follow our inner guidance – always. We do not need to ask permission to do things – when we are coherent to our inner light we are also naturally in coherence to others that are in our field. And then it follows that everything we do naturally “aligns” – it becomes like in nature where everything has a perfect order without arranging it! Nothing to think about. It will all unfold naturally.

For me it starts with understanding my INTENTIONS. It is like a stick in the ground where things, actions, people, etc naturally gravitates around. It is like a magnet. When I am true in my intentions (ie when connected to the intention and my feelings are of a high frequency, joyous, loving, compassionate), then creation will happen around it without me really “doing” anything. I call it “crystallization”.

It will be the most beautiful dance with Life! I can sense it in my body. There is so much lightness in creating this way. When I am in coherence with my inner light, then I naturally align with others that are coherent in their light and a crystallization (a beautiful formation) is the result. Everyone is totally free and at the same time we are also in this beautiful formation together….!