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Phases of Joy

While adding joys to the compendium it has become clear that joys even the most subtle have many phases of development from our first experience with a particular source of joy to deepening our appreciation for something we find enjoyable. Here is four phases of joy you might recognise. Phase 1 – The joy of […]


Joy Journey, Seriously Though.

As the joy journey ramps up Marie and I have started to get moving. The idea that we want to get serious, arises and makes us laugh. No, we are not getting serious. That word makes us feel heavy, as if we are readying ourselves for hard labour. It suggests we are going to turn […]


Definition of a Joy Journey

Activity, venture or project inspired by joy rather than driven by need or a well-defined end goal. On such a journey outcomes are revealed in response to joy inspired action and the willingness to let go of perceived ideas of success. The deepest type of joy journey is experienced when LIFE lives through the participants.

Harmony not resonance

Often, after we have had a group call the themes of the call start to crystallise into insights. This weeks call emphasised the different between working in resonance and harmony. The aim of working together is not to bring each member into resonance, that would imply that the group requires each member to be vibrating […]


There are many definitions of freedom but for the purposes of this project our definition will be freedom from body and mind. If I am not the body and not the mind, what am I. And how can I tell? Because I choose what I am, once free of the ideas of the body and […]

Allowing, Unfolding and Goals

The paradox of a destination with no needs for motivation is a core area of investigation for this project. As we discover how to “get things” done in new ways without the tension created by “needs.” What we do have is “wants” which might seem like the same as a need but the difference is […]