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Waiting for the next wave

Receive the present moment as if is was your only moment. Heighten your senses. Be alert. Even if you currently live in a feeling of not reaching your “goal” then sense the ripples of the actions you already initiated – they go far! Creation comes in waves. When you stay true to your intentions then […]

Emptiness – having a break

Periods of emptiness allow you a pause or a break to let your system catch up with all the changes you are going through. Many of you worry when it gets empty. May we suggest that you “learn” to appreciate and enjoy it? It is just one of these moments on the continuum that allows […]

Stay Curious

Stay Curious…is the answer to my question “I wonder how this will work?“. The question is automatically changed to “I wonder how this will flow?“. Stay Curious! To be curious about life and how life will flow around, through or about something seems to be key. Not to have preconceived ideas. Not to hold any […]

Calibrating hearts between Heaven and Earth

It is indeed a big wave that is set in motion and it will impact many people. Your “job” is to stay tuned and to take action on everything that feels true to your intentions. The heart beat is getting stronger (I received a message that we are joining hearts entities from heaven with humans) […]

Creating is as simple as brushing your teeth!

There are many things you let yourself be occupied with and you have already understood that it is, and will be, important that you be light in your energy and that you let you have the space you need to empty yourself from thoughts, other people and the world in general. This will change, but […]

The red pill or the blue?

I am amused that there was a red pill/blue pill presented at the conference table to all of the 23 ladies in our meeting! I also realise that the journey that I have been on is quite deep and that there is so much that I have done since I first ”took the red pill”. […]

Set sail and take off!

An important first step is taken. You have prepared yourselves. The journey that began long time ago is now a little bit visible in the physical realm. There is much for you to dis-cover. You better start enjoying surprises and new things coming your way. So, how to have ”stability” and yet be on this […]

Internal Team Page is up

The team page is available when you are logged in. There is a button on the first page you can click (only available to users that are logged in). The Team page itself is a private page and will only show when you are logged into the system. The page (and the fact that it […]

How to publish on the INTERNAL TEAM PAGE?

The team page is available when you are logged in and you can publish posts that automatically is shown on this page. Please make sure that you categorise the post with any of the following categories: Internal Guidelines Internal How to Internal Journey Notes Internal News  

The Value of Nothingness

I have just come out from a very intense period. It has been  “hard work” to get the website launched for us to have a foundation to lean on. As we are on a discovery journey we have of course also studied the energy present and our reactions in the process. I said to Morya […]


Live your unique gifts

It is good that you recognize your gifts. You understand that you are on a journey to fine-tune you with the frequency of your gift. It is rare to have come “this far” with your particular gift. You have not surrounded yourself with people that naturally flow with this gift as this has given you […]

Life is a piece of art

I am working quite intensely right now. I like what I am doing but I feel angry from time to time and I ask my inner guidance why that is. There are several aspects that are contributing, but you feel it as one. First and foremost – make sure you take breaks. Enjoy. Be in […]

To be balanced …

In yesterday’s yoga session the word “balance” triggered something in me. And I understood that how I previously have thought about balance needed an upgrade. Why is that you may think? Let me give you a little background…. When I left the corporate world for a different life, then I said to myself “I want […]

Time to redefine success?

Is it time to redefine success? As I am watching the Olympics I come to think of different strategies to “make it”. Two different pictures comes to mind and I can feel it in my body how very different they are energy wise. I sense one athlete that vibrates of energy. She is fighting to […]


My philosophy teacher at high school in the late ’70th was the reason I ended up studying IT. We were studying logic and I was fascinated by the subject. If this, then that, else something different….  He said “logic is the basis for programming computers”. I was “sold on the idea” and knew that I […]

Life can feel heavy sometimes

Some days life just feels heavier than others. After a couple of rather “heavy” days with a lot of interesting experiences (which I will share later) I received the following guidance. Whenever you loose sight of Joy then you are in some way misaligned in your energy. There are many ways in which this can […]

How do we create?

Our unfolding adventure is really taking off! We share a field and it feels easy to draw creations from that field. Yes I do things, but I do not have to think so much, just tap into the field and sense what wants to show up next. If I think about what it will be […]

Hero – our newest team member!

I just had a conversation with the person that has experience from filming. It was clear to me that when we introduce the filming aspect then we also add an observer to the process and that may totally change the energy. I played with the idea that this is a team member (the film camera). […]

From helping – to – being IN SERVICE!

I am pondering about “how to get organized”. Together. It feels like we are in different circles. A couple of people are in the center. Others are more in the outer circles of the energy. That which holds us together is the intention that we have set out for this field. I definitely feel that […]

Act on all impulses!

You were asking about the journey and how it will unfold. As you already understood there is no point in us telling you how it is going to unfold as you are to explore the unfolding of the journey! If we would tell you in advance then you would not have the possibility to study […]

Getting serious?

I said to Morya “we need to get serious about this”, and I immediately felt that the word serious gives me a feeling of heaviness. There is no play any longer when it becomes serious… So what do I change it to? We talked a bit about it and I searched my system to find […]

Abandoning the concept of roles

As we are progressing with the work I have started to think about what “roles” we need in order to make our team complete…. And I just realize that that too will have to be dropped. There are no roles to be filled. There are just the intention of what we do and people lining […]

A filmmaker is needed for the project!

I was contemplating before leaving for India where I could find someone with the capacity and joy to make films. I know two people close to where I live. I hold the business card of one of them in my hand and I do not quite feel good in my body. And for sure if […]

Home again

I am at home again. The silence here stands in a very intense contrast to India. I already long to be more connected and in the movement of life and to express that which is my joy. I feel that I am “cured”. I do not need to work in the traditional way. I can […]


You are in a beautiful RESET (down with the flu). Everything you no longer need will be taken away. And a new opening to the unknown is being created, or should we say “just opening up”. It is not so much created as it is a ripple opening up to other layers. Layers that you know […]

No introductions needed…

We are already in the dance together. Life dances with us! We allow ourselves to swivel around still knowing that we are dancing around and expanding on our purpose – both individually and together. Alexandra and my meeting yesterday was extremely “to the point” – I can almost sense “the point” inside of me. We […]

We are a Tantrum

You are vessels of energy that are very strong. It will burst out like a tantrum. It can not be controlled. It is life that express itself through you. The energy is of a high frequency and it is very transformative. You see…. transformation in this new era will not be the old-school way. Transformation […]


I feel that we have all prepared for many years. Ourselves. Pieces that fits into the bigger picture. We have methods to contribute. We hold experiences. We hold a frequency that are lighter than the old paradigm. We are to leave the thought of developing things behind us. It is already done. We have prepared. […]