When you hate something or someone then you project that (unconsciously) out into the world and the world responds with people or situations you can hate. You are given an opportunity to see your inner state, you are projecting onto the world something that originates from your energy. An unmet need? Something you do not accept about yourself? Something you have inherited or taken on as a part of a social field?

Starting to look at yourself is always the key. What is is that I do not accept about myself, my history, my upbringing, my situation? What is it that I am afraid of? Do I dare look at that before my inner eye? Do I dare feel my true feelings and stop project those out onto the world as the only way to show me what it is that I am holding?

Taking responsibility for your feelings, accepting them will start your transformation  (from within you) leading to you no longer holding those feelings whereas acting from a place of fear perpetuates and increases the energy that eventually will erupt like a volcano.