You were asking about the journey and how it will unfold. As you already understood there is no point in us telling you how it is going to unfold as you are to explore the unfolding of the journey! If we would tell you in advance then you would not have the possibility to study how you experience the unfolding journey 🙂 ! 

But if you would like to send me guidance for example about people to contact etc, how would that happen?

Then we will “send” that as inspiration to you. That is why it is so important that you tune in frequently. We are quite resourceful when it comes to ways to inspire you – don’t you think? We know you have already experienced it in numerous occasions when you get surprised about what you feel you “would like to do”. This is us sending you an impulse “to act” on something. When you act on the impuls you may meet a person or something else will happen that was “the real reason” for the impulse! This is why it is so crucial that you do not question or reason with the impulses, but just follow through and act on it – it is one of our ways to create synchronicity!

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