About us

Joy Ventures offers invitations to explore ways to experience more joy in life and at work. Through our webinars, workshops and one-to-one sessions, we offer opportunities for you to realise your unique skills, resources and strengthen your experience of the joy of being.

Our Approach

Many people think being joyful makes them look unprofessional, not serious or grown up enough. We take joy very seriously. In fact we believe joy is a powerful transformative force not just for individuals but for organisations and the world. This is why we have exploring all forms of joy with the intention of deepening our understanding of its power to transform.

Our services invite people and teams to connect with their own sense of joy so life and work become joyful and successful. Anyone, who has at some time in their career loved their job knows how powerful that sense of joy can be. Similarly, without it work and life becomes ‘hard labour.’

Unfortunately, this is a common theme for many people and organisations. All the efforts to ‘engage’ and ‘motivate’ staff are acknowledgements that the ‘joy’ at work has been lost.

This is not just a work place phenomenon, many people find they lose the ‘joy’ of being. Our work offers people and teams ways to reconnect and strengthen their connection with joy and to use that JoySense  as a compass to maintain their connection.

The Team

Morya Short

Morya explores transformation for both individuals and groups. She has over 20 years experience working in small business and corporations.

Marie Örnesved

Marie combines experience from leadership in senior international positions with a passion for how to intuit, lead and cocreate from Joy. 

Alexandra Isaievych

Alexandra is an artist who can paint your soul mystery. She offers insights through her art for those who are ready to see and transform.


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