I was contemplating before leaving for India where I could find someone with the capacity and joy to make films. I know two people close to where I live. I hold the business card of one of them in my hand and I do not quite feel good in my body. And for sure if I am to make decision from joy, then there is no joy making contact. So I wonder where will I find this person? I decide to set the question aside and to again connect a week later when I am back from India.

The thought did not even cross my mind about”who can help us with filmed material”, but on the day I was back I was contacted by “a complete stranger” who wanted to make contact on LinkedIn. He was in the process of making a film about organisations that reinvent themselves! I described in short terms our journey – to  create from joy – and asked him if he wanted to talk more. He immediately connected to Joy being his driver and we talked for an hour a couple of days later. It feels like he is in our field of work, although I do not yet know in what capacity, ie which of his gifts that he will express with joy in our field of work. This will be very interesting to explore and to follow the process! We will meet again in a week to see how our intuition is guiding us and if we are called to play and have fun together! It will be easy to determine. The energy between us, and in the field will tell!

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